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Cookies information

This site uses cookies, which are short text files that are saved on your device and saved in specific folders depending on the type of browser used (both mobile and desktop). Cookies keep track of actions taken by visitors to the site, such as closing a pop-up window, and prevent the same window from being displayed again, for example. In this sense, cookies can improve the browsing experience. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can also disable them once and for all. Each browser has its own way of restricting or disabling cookies as described in more detail below.


This site uses not only technical cookies but also third-party profiling cookies and similar technologies. Also in this case, the cookies avoid showing advertisements that are not relevant to the browser. It should be noted that profiling cookies allow the user to display personalized advertisements (i.e. in line with the interests shown during navigation also at other websites that use cookies).

In particular, this website uses (or in any case reserves the right to use) the following third-party cookies, both for profiling and analysis purposes: Facebook Pixel, Google AdSense, Google Analytics as well as other coockies of advertising partners or dealers or similar statistics tracking systems. The data collected are anonymous and may also be used by Facebook, Google, other dealers as well as by the operator of the site itself. These profiling cookies (including those of third parties) collect data such as age, gender, geographical origin, as well as monitoring the user's online activity, in order to propose advertising in line with the interests and carry out analysis regarding the audience of the site.


Cookies for third-party services - Disqus, Facebook Comments, etc.

This site integrates social plugins to facilitate the sharing of their content. These feature additions involve the use of cookies, used exclusively for sharing purposes or to allow the use of software offered by third parties. Cookies related to integrated services are sent directly by the third party companies providing the service.


Configurations for disabling cookies

The user can choose not to enable the execution of cookies and, therefore, cancel the profiling activity for promotional purposes by acting on the settings of your browser. 

Here are some instructions for disabling cookies for the most commonly used browsers:

"Google Chrome
" Firefox
"Internet Explorer
" Safari

The absence of disabling of cookies for this site is intended as consent to the use of cookies themselves, and the data collected by them, as specified in the paragraphs on technical cookies and profiling provided by third parties.

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