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Croazia Rab

Along the coasts or circumnavigating

the islands of the western Mediterranean

Croazia, krk

Croatian and Montenegrin shores

How about a kayak tour camping in beautiful secluded and wild bays in the middle of the Croatian archipelago? The islands of Rab, Hvar, Dugi Otok, Krk and Cres are waiting for you. Or descend to Kotorska Bay and paddle into Shkodër Lake? We organize guided tours offering all the necessary support and adequate equipment.The tours last from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 days.

The magic of Corsica

The coasts of the island lend themselves to many interesting tours in both the north-west and south-east side. Based in equipped villages you can discover bays with sandy beaches and steep cliffs. The guided tours (from 3 to 7 days) can be easily managed on different stretches of coast adapting the route to the conditions of the sea.

Giardinelli, Sardegna
The mistery of Sardinia

The Sardinia with its fascinating and mysterious ancient history is one of the best places for kayaking tours. The rugged and rocky vertical coasts alternate with Caribbean beaches in crystal clear water. A 7-day tour is ideal for exploring the bays and discovering the natural wonders of the hinterland.

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