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Experiencing much more than expected

Cinque Terre day tour

Paddle in the wonderful landscape of Cinque Terre  (a UNESCO site) discovered from a really different point of view, away from the tourist flow. This experience allows you to find out secret spots, discover historical sites and taste local food: all ingredients for a memorable journey. The tour starts from Monterosso and lasts around six hours. The magnificent view from the sea of the Cinque Terre cliffs is a unique experience you cannot miss!

Portofino day tour

The old Portofino village is an exclusive tourist destination but also a natural park including the surrounding mountain of the promontory. From the fishing harbour of Camogli to the well known Santa Margherita village the tour, following the high and hard cliffs, will leads to the magnificent Abbey of San Fruttuoso directly facing the sea. 

Genova day tour 

Discover Genoa and its hidden secrets from the sea, along a fantastic east coast line, away from busy and crowded roads,

moving slowly and quietly, paddling in front of Parks of Nervi, the largest coastal garden of Europe, landing on wonderful shores to visit parks, museums and villas and tasting local food.

A completely different way to learn about the amazing millenary history of one of the most important Mediterranean harbour.

Lake Brugneto day tour 

Enjoy the hidden wild beauty of a lake casted on the green valleys of the Natural Park of the Antola mountain, the highest peak in the Ligurian Appennini. The lake is surrounded by a wood  with wild boars and fallow deers while herons and cormorants circling in the sky. Guided tours are organized in partnership with the local Association ASD Torriglia Sport and with the operator of the this artificial reservoir.

Orta Lake day tour

The enchanting scenery of the Alpine lake is the destination of a daily tour that will allow you to admire the villages on the shore and the island of San Giulio with its historical monuments. With the views of the peaks we will walk along woods and pleasant rivieras where villas, towers and sanctuaries were erected. The guided tour will allow you to better appreciate the excursion and enjoy the day in safety.

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