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Change perspective
and discover our mountains

Trekking and Hiking
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Half of the whole world's population lives only on 2% of the merged lands. There are so many incredible places to discover around us!

It's why we love not only to move on the water but even on land.

Hike or trek in the wonderful landscape of Cinque Terre  (a UNESCO site) or around Genova and the Riviera, along an undisclosed path, in a wild scenario so close and so far at the same time from the civilization. 

Move on the mountains between the Italian lake district.

This experience allows you to find out secret spots, discover historical sites and walk through the history and the nature of our amazing country.  We love to share all this beauty with our guests and friends.

The sea from the coast

Complete the experience by visiting villages and nature parks by following the paths of the Ligurian coast. Explore the mountains reflected in the lakes of northern Italy. Get to know the area with local guides.

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